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Strike Force Ownage

Try, Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better...

Strike Force Ownage Rules! Please Obey!


1) No Hacking/Modding

2) No scamming other players in Steam Trading

3) No Sharking

4) No fighting (not in-game) with other players

5) No putting down other players*

6) Skype is required for Talking

7) You need to live in Australia to join our clan

8) You must were the >-SFO-> Clan tag at all times!

9) No coping other players Profiles/Names/Steam Pictures (Unless it is the SFO picture)

Optional: Make the SFO Picture your TF2 Spray

Optional: Make the SFO Picture your Steam Profile Picture

5) Unless the player is that shit, then maybe it can be acceptable

Thank you for Emailing me your inquiries! I will reply as soon as I can!
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