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Strike Force Ownage

Try, Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better...

We are a UGC Highlander Team! We don't exactly cause owange though... not yet...

Strike Force Ownage Information

Strike Force Ownage (SFO) was a clan created by >-SFO-> Halycon (Christopher) at 9:30pm on a random school night! Yes the name is slightly corny but that is all I could think of. The clan now currently consists of 14 players, 9 Main and 5 Subs. 

Admins: >-SFO-> Halycon

Moderators: >-SFO-> Temax

Team Roster:

>-SFO-> Chongheadz: Scout

>-SFO-> ~VorVe~: Soldier

>-SFO-> Halycon: Pyro

>-SFO-> ChaChing: Demoman

>-SFO-> Provoke: Heavy

>-SFO-> Candy: Engineer

>-SFO-> Titanium: Medic

>-SFO-> Beatz: Sniper

>-SFO-> Temax: Spy


Dragonninja: Soldier

Gucci Booties: Demoman

Why so serious?: Medic

z36c: Engineer

Munch: Sniper

BingalingMaple: Scout

Our Icon made by: Temax

We are currently recruiting!

Want to be part of SFO? No problem!


  • 700+ Hours of TF2

  1. Mumble
  2. A working Mic
  3. A main class
  4. Live in Australia
  5. Can play every Monday at 8:00PM and Friday at 6:00PM
  6. Are willing

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Link above takes you to our Steam Group!

Link to >-SFO-> Grinch's Youtube Channel (It is in progress)